Beautiful,fantastic day...

We had a fantastic day.. Amazing what a beautiful summer day can do for your spirits...
(look at those legs!- baby girl is growing up..)
I sooooo appreciate my time at home & with my babies.. and even the time with my "babies daddy"
It was a perfect long weekend.. spent recharging the batteries..
One of the things the kids are most concerned about the divorce,
 is that we will no longer have family time together..
As we explain.. over and over and over..(can't say it enough)
We will ALWAYS be family.. ALWAYS..
Bj and I may not be married anymore.. but with two beautiful kids..
we will always be family.
Yesterday was perfect weather & Eva was itching to get out to drive the boat "alone"..
We loaded the family up and headed to town for ice cream..
then home for a family dinner..
We ate.. we joked.. we talked about our summer plans..
America with Mom.. and Cyprus with Dad....
the sun in our faces, smiles on our lips.. the joy of just hanging out..
gives me hope that this is all going to work out...
Feeling blessed.

Paris.. Part Deux

As I mentioned in my last post.. Paris was perfect & I left glowing (and tired) .. Here are a few more shots...

Paris in the Spring time

A long weekend in Paris...Just what the Dr. ordered...
I have been Paris before.. but never like this..
First time I was in Paris.. was as a 20 year old.. broke backpacker.. then six months pregnant with Eva.. next time.. with 5 & 10 year old children..
and Finally...
.. as a single 40 something.. with a little more money.. a little more time.. and no one to worry about other than myself..
I decided THIS time.. I would wander the city as much as I wanted.. take 5.000 pictures if I wanted.. cruise the Seine River if I wanted... Buy that bag from Louis Vuitton if I wanted..
drink wine for lunch and champagne for dinner..
 And I did all of that... cause I wanted..
I can honestly say J'aime Paris... more now, than ever...
Here are a few shots from the weekend..

Montmartre  is a hill in the north of Paris, France. It is 130 metres high and gives its name to the surrounding district, in the 18th arrondissement, a part of the Right Bank. Montmartre is primarily known for the white-domed Basilica of the Sacré Cœur on its summit.
I  heard it was a great way to get an overview of the city.. so I made the trek..  
It was fantastic!
We sat on the steps and drank wine.. and just watched the people and city around us.
Fantastic area to watch the sunset.. have a picnic etc... worth the trip


I went to Notre Dame.. (twice) - I met a lovely couple at Montmartre, who told me I had to go back and stand in the  Point Zero in front of Notre Dame.. So I did..
In hopes of one day returning to Paris..

Stealing my wish.. But I'm pretty sure I will make it back anyway
Many more pictures to come...

Couple of days in Calais...

Working/relaxing in France this week.. 
Started the week in Calais.. Which has led to a lot of relaxing as there isn't very much to do here.. It has been about 25 years since I was here last, passing through as a student in Germany off to party in London..  Man, time flies.


Jevnaker, Norway - Work

Last week I was in Jevnaker for work... what a LOVELY area in Oppland.
I know it is breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL.. yet I never allow myself enough time to stop and take pictures on the drive up... perhaps next time..   

 We stayed here at Thorbjornrud Hotel - beautiful views and fantastic food and wine ...
Hadeland Glassverks Factory
We had a little outing with work here at the Hadeland Glassverks Factory.. if you are in the area it is  well worth the visit.

As it always is with me, it is either feast or famine...  You don't hear from me in AGES.. and now you will be bombarded with 5000 posts. :-)

I may have been horrible posting on my blog.. but I am an INSTAGRAM fanatic.. lol.. posting photos of where I am almost daily..  instagram name :   tressa_in_norway